Things anew…

Things are anew with less sinew here. *See the old place if you think I’m just throwing out some new blog assonance.

I guess I should place some content within the confines of this virtual cosmos. Content should, hopefully, be making it’s way over from the old location soon. I also hope to finally gather the scattered projects, code, and postings from all of my domains and let this serve as the central portal for all things moi.

For now, I guess we should kick things off with something interesting I’ve done recently.
Hmm, let me see.
Well, I made the banner you see at the top of the site. That’s pretty interesting if you are into art or wine or colorful drinks and the like. It’s a picture I took at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC. The original is a photo of a display addressing science through the (modern) ages and this particular piece regarding a world’s fair. This version is a simple crop and had the cubism filter applied in GIMP.

The Serenity of Mutaku

Browse around and maybe you’ll find something else halfway interesting. Worst case scenario, you just ate another few minutes off of the clock of your workday. Congratulations and you are welcome.