Installing Google Chrome in Slackware 13 (13.37)

Trying to install Google-Chrome via RPM (with rpm2tgz) will give you an error with libnss3. Don’t fret, there is already a way to build Google-Chrome without much effort. Below is a quick way using the mirror from Penn State (carroll), but if you have your install media, you can find the same files there in /extra.

Go to:

The README file is pretty self explanatory, but essentially you want to do the following:

  1. Become rootSetup a build directory (mkdir chrome && cd chrome)
  2. Wget these files: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
  3. Change execution bit on slackbuild file and run it (chmod +x google-chrome.SlackBuild && ./google-chrome.SlackBuild)
  4. Go to tmp and install the file (cd /tmp && upgradepkg –install-new google-chrome.txz)
  5. Go back and install the other files (cd /root/chrome/ && upgradepkg –install-new *.txz)

Now you should have a fully functional google-chrome install.