Associated Projects

Some Mutaku associated projects are outlined here.

[more complete list is being created and what you see here is being proactively updated]

Mutaku : Everything and then some.

The essence of what you see here on this site, Mutaku is quintessentially my virtual cosmos and serves as the jumping off point for most projects, collaborations, and ideas. For more information about Mutaku, simply browse around this site and check out some of the ongoing projects as well as the list of collaborations you will find listed below.

TheBoulderingWebsite : Site code, layout, and content management.

Now defunct, TheBoulderingWebsite (TBW) was one of my first projects geared towards providing information on bouldering in and around Central Pennsylvania including guides, maps, and location recommendations.


Projects that I’ve worked on with/for others:

Jamma-Nation-X (JNX) : Site code and layout.

Awesome site run by XianXi (James) focusing on all things arcade including tutorials on modding, gallery of mods, as well as a shop. XianXi is among the top modders (especially when it comes to Neo Geo) in the business and a good personal friend so don’t hesitate to throw your business his way!

RDs Yard Service : Site code.

NeoCartman : Back-end database, data parsing, and HTML generation, as well as site code and layout.

Neocartman is a project that was initially envisioned by Xian Xi of Jamma-Nation-X to be able to see the legacy of Neo Geo (MVS and Hyper) cart ownership by serial number. The actual product, the site you are currently visiting, is a collaboration between Xian Xi and xiao_haozi of Mutaku. Xian Xi handles all the data collection and xiao_haozi designed and maintains the code and site..