Stumpy Version 1.5 is Now Available!

Stumpy Version 1.5 is now out and ready for testing.
Should be functional, but please submit any issues you might find to the issues page.

Changes include (from commits):

  • Removed hardcoded domains from JS. We now pipe in through the stumpy_domain var by setting a global JS var ‘DOMAIN’ in the index and then reference that JS var in our scripts. You will no longer need to set your domain as hard coded into javascript code.
  • Updated to use get submission of new URLs for shortening. This should work, but needs to be tested on the production version to make sure WSGI and such are working okay without the earlier hack that was implemented.

Mutaku on Google+ Pages

We are now on Google+ Pages as you can see by way of the link on the right side of the page or by clicking here.

If you are a G+ user feel free to swing by the page. Will post software updates and anything Mutaku related to that page as well as to the other regular locations.

Happy G+ing!

Another Netflix Change … for the worse

It seems you can’t go a day without reading tech news and finding another cringe worthy change to Netflix service. Of late it started with the change in pay scales and the separation of streaming and mail DVDs. Then came the news that they lost their deal with Starz and would no longer be offering many new titles over the streaming service (e.g. Disney or Sony). Now there is news that users with streaming or streaming and one DVD subscriptions would no longer be able to stream content on more than one device at a time.

If we look at these changes individually, they may be justified considering the Netflix model and business versus customer benefits. Heck, it’s capitalism. Individually a customer could easily turn their cheek and continue being entertained for a reasonable fee. However, these issues and announcements have come one after another in a very short time frame. Customers are now faced with three very large changes to their service that simply boil down to less content for more money and greater limitations on access.

Netflix's new payment scale - This is what I used to pay for 3 DVDs at a time

The first negative change, in my mind, during my Netflix customer tenure was the addition of a separate charge for access to Bluray content. The fee was small in and of itself, but when it’s a change of greater than 10% of your total monthly bill it’s not a simple shoulder shrug. However, I bit the bullet and am still accessing Bluray content for an additional fee. Meanwhile, we still do not have Linux support for streaming content. This has always been a big deal for many of us (read: nerds/geeks) but we got around this by installing virtual machines or using a video game console. These were issues that I ultimately brushed off and continued supporting and consuming the Netflix model.

Now we add to the ever growing list of negative changes the announcements of the past several weeks and things begin to come to a different light. Do we continue to support a service which continually raises fees while delivering less content and more limitations? When do we say enough is enough? Where would we go to get the content we want? These are questions which now seem more pertinent than ever and are becoming more pressing as our dollar takes us less far than it used to.

I’ll leave with one last thought that I know would, sadly, win me back over; Netflix natively on Linux.

Stumpy Updated – v1.4.3

The Mutaku URL shortener, Stumpy, has now been updated to version 1.4.3.

You can find out more about Stumpy by clicking the first link in this post to read the initial write up on Mutaku, or you can go to the project page on Github.

Stumpy main page

This release includes a few small bug fixes as well as incorporating a new feature that, for logged in users, shows all of their submitted URLS at the bottom of the main page. Previously, this was only viewable by going through the admin interface. If you are not logged in, you will see the traditional view with the 5 most recent and 5 most visited URLs.

You get get the newest release at the Github page here: v1.4.3