Stumpy is Now Available!

Stumpy has gone v1.0 and is now available on Github. The project is a URL shortener that I originally wrote in Python and have recently rebuilt from scratch to use the Django Python web framework. Now that I’ve reached what I felt was 1.0 functional code, I’ve moved the repository to the Github public section and is available under a BSD license.

Stumpy goes open source on Github

In brief, I have sucked in the first parts of the README.textile file you can find in the repository which should do most of the explaining as to the what and why. The full file contains instructions on setting everything up and how to get testing it out. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me. However, I’ve tried to keep the README as clear as possible to be able to drop into a Django environment and the code should be pretty self explanatory.


Mutaku URL Shortener


STUMPy is a URL shortener written by xiao_haozi (Mutaku) using the django python web framework.


There are many url shorteners out there, and STUMPy does not do anything groundbreaking.
However, there are several benefits that encouraged it’s development:

  • you keep all the data and can access it at your will
  • you keep all the code and can access/change it at your will
  • simple to use, simple to run, and simple code
  • because of it’s simplicity, it is easy to understand how url shorteners work and some of the possible optimizations
  • uses the django framework which allows for easy expansion, management, and tweaking
  • django also allows for a nice web UI for administration of all of the data


Everything is still in active development, so feel free to watch the repository to keep up with it’s evolution on Github. I will soon have the active Mutaku version of Stumpy up and running which I will post as soon as it’s up so that you can see the code in action.

Head over to the home at Github and clone or fork the source and have at it. Please be sure to add any comments or problems to the issues page on Github and feel free to send in pull requests if you’ve added any fun, interesting, or helpful code.

We are back at Mutaku is now fully transitioned to the new site. Today, the old blue and white Mutaku came down and up went the new. It was a little sad to see all those years bzipped away, but all for the better.

It appears that all the bugs have been quashed and everything is running nicely. I am still working on filling in the gaps with some of the pages, and some others may get moved around a bit until everything falls into a groove. However, for the most part, what you see is the new and improved Mutaku; a Mutaku for a new era.

If you spot anything afoul, or have any ideas regarding what you wish to see here, please feel free to contact me.


Mutaku on GitHub

After endless peer pressure, Mutaku is finally on GitHub. I have to admit, initially I didn’t really see why I would need a version control system, let alone use something like GitHub. But 10 minutes into using, I was sold on both fronts.

Mutaku GitHub page

So head on over to the Mutaku GitHub page and feel free to follow and subscribe to the activity feed.

I’ve already thrown up one project that I was starting to get together to post here at the site. I will be working on gathering together some of my other projects to post as well with the goal being to have snapshots of all the Mutaku code and projects accessible publicly on GitHub.

Statistics from Mutaku of Yesteryear – Reminiscing

With the new site coming into it’s own, I thought I would do some reminiscing. Looking back over some of the old Geeklog statistics (the old CMS), I felt it might be fun to repost some of those things here before they are lost to the infinite abyss of the interwebs. These are obviously not quantitations to brag about or send a note home regarding, but it’s still fun to check out.

For those that didn’t frequent the old site (almost everyone else on the internet besides myself), Mutaku ran on the Geeklog CMS code. While keeping it’s generic, out-of-box, look, the code itself became heavily hacked up over the years. Accordingly, it was hard to leave it behind. It felt like ditching that reliable car you’ve had for so many years for something new and shiny and popular. I still feel like a bit of a turncoat.

But, here we are. New beginnings with a fresh look and a different take on life. Back then, it was hard to find interesting projects to do, let alone write about them. Nowadays, there are far too many things going on. Some exciting and fun, others mundane but necessary. Yet, all are interesting in their own light. That’s life.

Statistics? Oh yes, the old statistics from Geeklog. I lost my train of thought there for a second [Sitting in my rocking chair on front porch hanging from my mouth a single, bowed length of wheat the color of a day slowly fading into the oblivion of time past].

Site Statistics

Site Statistics
Total Hits to the system 1,131,114
Number of active users 1
Stories (Comments) in the system 66 (12)
Polls (Answers) in the system 3 (66)
Posts deleted as spam 26,714
Static Pages 3

Top Ten Viewed Stories

Story Title Views
Flash and Java on 64bit Ubuntu and Kubuntu 15,418
Build Your Own Jabber Server for Private Communication 11,828
Adding a New Hard Drive to Slackware Server 8,289
Cook your RAW photos into JPEG with Linux 6,683
Smart Boot Manager – An OS Independent Boot Manager 6,501
USB Drives in Slackware 12.0 5,200
Setting Up Thin Folding at Home Clients 5,184
Setting up a linux dialup connection 5,098
Retrieve WAN IP from LAN or Remotely 5,041
Gallery Remote Install Troubles : “nawk: error…” 3,972

Top Ten Emailed Stories

Story Title Emails
Ventures in upgrading (k)Ubuntu: Fix DVD Playback and Locale Issues in (k)Ubuntu 8.04 27
Flash and Java on 64bit Ubuntu and Kubuntu 9
Build Your Own Jabber Server for Private Communication 7
Smart Boot Manager – An OS Independent Boot Manager 4
Setting up a linux dialup connection 3
Backing up a personal DVD 3
Retrieve WAN IP from LAN or Remotely 2
Netflix Now Exclusively Bluray 2
Daily Links Edition v2.10.08 2
Adding a New Hard Drive to Slackware Server 2

Things anew…

Things are anew with less sinew here. *See the old place if you think I’m just throwing out some new blog assonance.

I guess I should place some content within the confines of this virtual cosmos. Content should, hopefully, be making it’s way over from the old location soon. I also hope to finally gather the scattered projects, code, and postings from all of my domains and let this serve as the central portal for all things moi.

For now, I guess we should kick things off with something interesting I’ve done recently.
Hmm, let me see.
Well, I made the banner you see at the top of the site. That’s pretty interesting if you are into art or wine or colorful drinks and the like. It’s a picture I took at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC. The original is a photo of a display addressing science through the (modern) ages and this particular piece regarding a world’s fair. This version is a simple crop and had the cubism filter applied in GIMP.

The Serenity of Mutaku

Browse around and maybe you’ll find something else halfway interesting. Worst case scenario, you just ate another few minutes off of the clock of your workday. Congratulations and you are welcome.