Copy and Paste to and from the Shell with the Cr-48

Copying and pasting to and from the Cr-48 shell can be a bit tricky when using only the built-in hardware (i.e. no usb mouse). Read on for a quick example of copying text from the browser to a shell session and vice versa.

Copying text from the browser to the shell:

  • Highlight your text of interest in the browser (to highlight by dragging on the touchpad, simply double tap the touchpad with one finger and then move to highlight the text).
  • Copy the text by right clicking (e.g. two finger clicking on the selected text).
  • Switch to your shell (ctrl-alt-t).
  • Paste the text by using three fingers to click the touchpad (it can be a bit tricky on the recognition end).

Copying text from the shell to the browser:

  • Highlight your text as outlined above.
  • Now to copy, don’t do anything further in the shell, simply get back to the browser (ctrl-alt-t).
  • In the browser now, paste anywhere you wish by initiating a three finger click on the touchpad (or doing a quick two finger click twice).