Neocartman – Where’s my NEO cart, man?

Well, after long sitting half completed on the back burner, Neocartman is just around the corner. This is a teaser post and will be updated with all the pertinent information when things are finalized and the site is up later this week.
Neocartman - Where's my NEO cart, man?

Neocartman is a collaboration between James from Jamma-Nation-X and myself that we hope will be a fun tool for Neo owners.

For now, you can check out a snippet from our About page and check back later this week for the official unveiling.

Neocartman is a project that was initially envisioned by Xian Xi of Jamma-Nation-X to be able to see the legacy of Neo Geo (MVS and Hyper) cart ownership by serial number. The actual product, the site you are currently visiting, is a collaboration between Xian Xi and xiao_haozi of Mutaku. Xian Xi handles all the data collection and xiao_haozi designed and maintains the code and site.

– Matthew